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Discover your inner hero

Designed by psychologists, Hero’s Journey Interactive is an immersive 3-phase program for anyone who has ever felt lost or unfulfilled.

Hero's Journey Interactive

The 3-step journey just might change your life

It's like a video game or a movie that changes lives!

Theo H.

Take a spiritual retreat without the travel or high cost.

This interactive program was created by psychologists for anyone who wants help to achieve their potential in career, love, or self-worth.

It was inspired by the world-famous Hero's Journey, and is now online for the first time.


  • 3 one-hour interactive journeys that take you into your inner world of adventure and self.
  • Guided analysis after each of your journeys to help you heal, learn, and grow.
  • Psychological reports on your growth.
  • Access to private counseling with Hero’s Journey Coaches to help you achieve your goals. (COMING SOON AT DISCOUNTED FEES.)

"Your journeys gave me the courage to make my career dream real. That was 5 weeks ago. Now I sold my first story to Adventure Magazine. I am going to New Guinea!"

Aaron J

Go on Three Innovative Journeys

Each journey is like stepping into a movie that is also interactive therapy. As you travel deeper, the journeys reveal essential wisdom that helps you find the hero within. Each takes about an hour.


Afterwards, you receive a series of psychological prompts that deepen your growth and understanding.


You also receive field notes and progress reports that provide you with a personal record of your discoveries.

"This makes it easier for me to be brave. It puts my trials and struggles into a whole new context."

Isabel E.


The Hero’s Journey is one of mankind’s greatest paths to fulfillment.

Many psychologists, educators, and leaders believe it’s a treasure map that can empower and ennoble us all.

It was discovered embedded inside humanity’s great myths and legends.

Director George Lucas used the Hero’s Journey to create his Star Wars saga. You can find it inside our most beloved novels and movies, from Moby Dick to the Wizard of Oz and Harry Potter.

Now you can try it out.

More From Our Users

IMAX for Your Soul

I've logged years of therapy. Let me tell you, this is not like anything else I ever tried. Sometimes it was so moving, I cried. I was stunned by the quality. It is magical and ethereal. It's like an IMAX movie for the soul

Rebekah Mc.

"Wake Up the Hero"

I HATED my law job defending corporations from consumers. When I did the Hero's Journey program, it woke me up. I thought about what am I destined for? What do I want from my life? That's when everything started to improve.

Bartholomew S

Almost an Altered State

I never experienced this sort of thing before. I felt it in my body. It was almost an altered state. It's like meditation and hypnosis and a magical mystery tour. The visual became physical.

Aliya K.

You Should Try This

If you're interested in exploring the next phase of your life, you should try this. It was very powerful for me. I'm a composer. Right after I finished the last journey I started working on my abandoned scores — and BOOM, the door opened. It rocked my imagination.

Matt C

Wonderful, Warm, and Safe

I felt like my life was at a traffic-clogged crossroads. Your journeys lifted me into this wonderful, warm, safe meditative space. It gave me a golden opportunity to reassess which way I want to turn. It's like a GPS for your heart

Ariella D

This was Joyous

I'm an artist who used to be a therapist — so I think in pictures. For me this was joyous. I really love the way the images brought my unconscious to life. They are just perfection

Sharon K

    Experience Epic Meditation

    Our journeys have been designed to usher you into deep meditative states. As you use them your brain activity downshifts and heartfelt places open inside you. Many say Hero’s Journey Interactive reminds them of meditation, trance, or lucid dreaming. It’s delicious and restful.

    Validated by Research

    Users report large increases in:

    Personal Growth Initiative Scale (PGI) +123%

    The higher you score on this test, the more ready you are to create positive change in your life. Many psychological studies have proven that this test predicts a broad variety of changes : career, relationships, healthy living , and even progress in therapy. Our users' scores rose progressively after each journey.

    Meaning in Life Questionnaire (MLQ) +73%

    This test also showed large increases. Getting a higher score on this test means you are much more likely to be fulfilled, happy, and have a positive self-appraisal.

    Money-Back Guarantee

    And if you aren't entirely satisfied, we will refund your membership fee.

    What you Get

    With your one-time membership fee

    And if you aren't entirely satisfied, we will refund your membership fee.

    What you Get

    With your one-time membership fee

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