Three Adventures Await you

You will take three adventures, each is about an hour in length. They are interactive videos with software that guides you through the experience, and then gives you a record of what happened. There are also psychological questionnaires to chart your growth.

🏆 Journey One: I am Called

🏆 Journey Two: My Mentor’s Challenge

🏆 Journey Three: The Three Treasures

When You're Ready to Start

Find a time and place when you won’t be interrupted for an hour. 

We suggest taking only one journey a week. There’s a lot to absorb and it’s helpful to have time in between.

As the video starts, you will find yourself drifting into a cinematic world. You will cross thresholds, face challenges, and meet allies. The story progresses from journey to journey.

This experience has been carefully designed to encourage deeply relaxed states of mind. Many users have compared the effect to deep meditation or trance states. 

You will always be in charge and can control how deep you go.


At different points you will be asked to make choices.

They will shape your discoveries.

At other times, when you’re watching the videos, you will be asked to close your eyes and let the story move forward like a waking dream. We call this projective imagination.

After you’re done you will be asked to take a quick assessment which will help track your growth on a variety of measures. They take no more than five minutes.

You can download a full set of your Field Notes or access them at any time on the site. You can also share them with your therapist or journey partner. 

After you enroll, you will find a full video tutorial inside that will prepare you to launch your first adventure.


What will your Journey hold?