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Experience epic meditation with interactive videos that guide you through different therapeutic journeys. Research shows that they can boost your confidence and well-being.

A spiritual retreat without the high cost

These are the three journeys

I Am Called

You learn to hear the voice from deep inside that calls you to adventure; you go back in time and meet your child self; and face your first challenge of awakening.

My Mentor's Challenge

You choose your wisdom-guide, an Obi-Wan Kenobi figure who sees deep into your heart. They send you off into the wilderness where you find a forgotten castle and master your first revelation.

The Three Treasures

You arrive at the Cave of Transformation where in heroic legend the hero faces their innermost fears - and can win their freedom. Beyond, the final trial awaits to enable you to master the hero within.

When you're ready to start

Find a time and place where you won't be interrupted for an hour.

Afterwards, you will receive a series of psychological prompts to deepen your self-growth.

Each journey includes field notes, progress reports, and journal prompts that provide you with a personal record of your discoveries.

How the journeys help you grow

Increase in Personal Growth Initiative by 123%

This test predicts a broad variety of improvements in: career, relationships, healthy living, and even progress in therapy. Our users' scores rose progressively after each journey.

Meaning in Life scores increased by 73%

Getting a higher score on this test means you are much more likely to be fulfilled, happy, and have a positive self-appraisal.

The Hero's Journey

Hero's Journey Interactive enables you to explore your own life as a hero's journey. What will your journey hold?

Recognized around the world as one of the greath paths to growth and wisdom, it inspired Hero's Journey Interactive. You can find it in our greatest legends and myths, and it is alive today in everything from Star Wars to Harry Potter. Now you can learn its lessons.