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Designed by psychologists, Hero's Journey® Interactive is an immersive 3-step program for anyone who has ever felt lost, stuck, or unfulfilled.

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The Hero's Journey® is "transformative" and "profound".

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Transform Your Life with Hero's Journey® Interactive

3 immersive journeys that take you into your inner world of adventure and self.

Interactive guidance to find your pathway and learn what your Hero's Journey® ought to be.

Psychological reports on your growth that you can share with your therapist.

Multi-sensory meditation that uses contemporary archetypes to open your unconscious.

Guided journaling after each of your journeys to help you heal, learn, and grow.

"It's like IMAX

for your soul!"

For seekers, dreamers,

and actualizers.

Each journey is an interactive movie and healing adventure.

Enter the timeless world of the Hero's Journey®. You'll meet mentors and allies, OVERCOME trials and tribulations, face fears, and —ultimately— unlock your hero within.

What is a Hero's Journey?®

The Hero's Journey® is the most important story ever told. It has been passed down as legend and myth for millennia, and describes how an ordinary person can overcome obstacles to fulfill their destiny. Movies have become its modern-day sanctuary, as brought to life in Harry Potter, Star Wars, and The Lion King.

What's Packed Inside

Your Interactive Adventures?












Three interactive journeys that teach you the secrets of the Hero's Journey®


Full-color, printable journey downloads to share with a close friend, therapist, or life coach


Multi-sensory meditation that lights up your limbic system for immersive imagination


Guided journaling after each of your adventures to help you heal, learn, and grow


A suite of four positive psychology growth reports, at beginning and end, to assess progress and growth


Certified Hero's Journey®coaching at discounted rates

Your Three Journeys

Hero's Journey® Interactive has divided the traditional Hero's Journey® concept into three smaller adventures
- each journey building on the one before it.

What Is Calling You?

In the first journey, you find yourself alone in an empty museum honoring the great heroes and heroines of history. You face challenges that reveal what's missing from your life and what you must do to start your hero's journey.

The Quest

You leave the safety of your old life and enter a magical wood. You face tests and trials. You meet a mentor who sees deep into you, and helps you understand the lessons you most need to learn.

The Final Climb

In the third journey, you make the most important discovery of all and free yourself from the force that has been holding you back. You're ready now to find the treasure you seek.

Our Story

Dr. John Drimmer taught Positive Psychology at UCLA's medical school. He has dedicated his life's work to helping people live fulfilling and happy lives.

As a therapist and researcher, he found that the Hero's Journey® is among humankind's most powerful tools for change.

He was determined to find a way to provide the Hero's Journey® to people everywhere. It needed to be inspiring, effective, and affordable.

Now, "Hero's Journey® Interactive" helps you become the hero of your own story — while nestled in your favorite armchair!

The Hero's Journey® Interactive (HJI) is grounded in psychological science, headed by researchers and educators from UCLA. This professional organization is profit-neutral, and solely seeks new paths for helping humankind understand this precious opportunity we call our lives.

Dr. John Drimmer (and Obie)

Former Instructor,

UCLA School of Medicine

Reviews from Gratified Journeyers

Don't take it from us; our journeyers can't stop talking about how much of an impact the Hero's Journey® Interactive has had on their unique paths in this life.

"I looked forward to it each time. As I watched it, I had so many feelings about who I wanted to be.This was my first introduction to sound and image meditation, and I was surprised at how calm and relaxed it made me feel."

Aliya H.

"For me, an almost wanderlust-like need to explore and to create penetrated my experience of the entire videos. I never experienced this sort of thing before. I felt it in my body."

Conor D.

"This experience rekindled my interest in growing my heart and my ability to love and care for people. For me, I think it made me feel like I deserve something or am destined to be something — I'm recognizing what a really beautiful project this is."

Salo D.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to common questions about the Hero's Journey® Interactive experience and our program's one-time and subscription options.

Is the Hero's Journey® scientifically validated?

Yes. The Scientific American Magazine just published a major study that proves the far-reaching benefits of re-framing your life as a Hero's Journey®. According to the research, the Hero's Journey® is associated with enhanced well-being, greater life satisfaction, feelings of triumph, flourishing, and reduced depression. Read the article.

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