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If you meditate.

Discover your Hero's Journey

Designed by psychologists, Hero's Journey Interactive is an immersive 3-step program for anyone who has ever felt lost, stuck, or unfulfilled.

How it works

Each journey is like stepping into a movie that is also interactive therapy. As you travel deeper, the journeys reveal essential wisdom that helps you find the hero within. Each journey takes about an hour.

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Every lifetime membership includes

3 immersive journeys that take you into your inner world of adventure and self.

Guided analysis after each of your journeys to help you heal, learn, and grow.

Psychological reports on your growth that you can share with your therapist.

Access to Hero's Journey coaching at discounted rates.

Money-Back Guarantee

And if you aren't entirely satifsied, we will refund your membership fee.

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Dr. John Drimmer

Former Instructor

UCLA Medical School

Redesigning the classic Hero's Journey

Dr. John Drimmer believed that the Hero's Journey, as developed by Joseph Campbell, had the potential to help people discover the lost hero within - but a tool needed to be adapted so people could put it to use. Using his 35 years of experience in psychology and film, Dr. Drimmer formed HJI to help people achieve their potential in career, love, and self-worth.


"It's like a video game, or a movie - except your choices can really change your life."

Annah R.

"Your journeys gave me the courage to make my career dream come true.
Today I just sold my first story to Adventure Magazine. I am going to New Guinea!"

Tobin M.

"Hero's Journey makes it easier for me to be brave.
It puts my struggles and trials in a whole new context."

Isabelle C.

"It's like IMAX for your soul."

Ryan M.

"I was stunned by the magic and ethereal quality. Sometimes it was so moving, I cried. The music, the pacing, the narration.
All of it felt mysterious and guided at the same time. I discovered so much."

Salo S.

"I never experienced this sort of thing before. I felt it in my body.
It was almost an altered state. The visual became physical."

Aliya M.


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