Reviews From Journeyers

I was stunned by the magic and ethereal quality. Sometimes it was so moving, I cried. The music, the pacing, the narration. All of it felt mysterious and guided at the same time. I discovered so much.

Armita J.

It is sort of like a video game, or a movie, except your choices show you how to change your life.

George G.

Your journeys gave me the courage to make my career dream come true. Today I just sold my first story to Adventure Magazine. I am going to New Guinea!

Tobin M.

Thank you so much! Hero's Journey Interactive makes it easier for me to be brave.. It's like a treasure map for how to live my life deeper and more fully.

Jullian J.

I never experienced this sort of thing before. I felt it in my body. It was almost an altered state. The visual became physical.

Minerva B.

Questions of purpose are always with me but maybe I never engaged with them as deeply. This helped me think about who I am and who I want to be in a way I never have before! Thank you.

Jayden G.